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  • The leading provider of personalised scarves in the UK

    The leading supplier of football merchandise across the UK and Europe.

    Global Scarves UK is proud to be leading the way in offering everything you need for your football merchandise store. No matter if you're a top league club or a grass roots team we all share one thing in common and that is great quality personalised products to sell.

  • Passion for manufacturing and the beautiful game

    The true icon of support

    Our team has had a long standing passion for football and high quality products.

    We've spent generations working within the football sector selling personalised football scarves since the early 80's to now selling worldwide across all levels of football leagues.

  • How did we begin?

    Founded in 1973, Global Scarves UK is now the third generation of what started out as a family business and has now become a global market selling personalised football merchanside around the world. We deal directly with license holders and football clubs.

  • Family Roots

    Peter’s grandson Alan joined his sports business in 2005 after completing studying business and finance. His drive for perfection in all areas soon helped the family business grow even more.

    Soon Alan was able to set up his own company within the USA with Bill Kristian and that’s when Global Scarves was born!

    Bill teamed up with Alan and formed Global Scarves in the Seattle area, and ever since then Global has created an excellent reputation for personalised football scarves. Opening up the brand to new markets like Canada, England and Australia.

  • The only way is forward!

    Global Scarves UK has a hard working, devoted team who love football! Our customers are the reason for our success and that is why we always put you first.

    We can help you take an idea from your head into design, sampling, manufacturing to selling it in your store.

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The True Icon of Support

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